Photo 1 Day Tour Sacred Valley Buffet Lunch Cusco Peru exploor
1-Day Sacred Valley Tour: Chinchero + Moray + Maras + Urubamba + Ollantaytambo + Pisac + Buffet Lunch
City: Sacred Valley, Mountains // Activities: City tour, buffet lunch //  Enjoy a day trip in Cusco getting to know...
Photo Flight Over Nasca Lines Peru exploor
1-Day Tour Flight over Nazca Lines from Lima by Bus
City: Nazca, Coast // Activities: Overflight of the Nazca Lines //  The Nazca Lines: one of the top tourist attractions of Peru and...
Photo local market tour with fruit tasting chinatown and ceviche class peru exploor
1-Day Tour Lima: Local Market Tour + Chinatown + Historical Center + Ceviche Cooking Class
City: Lima, Coast // Activities: Local market visit, fruit tasting, cooking class // Welcome to the 1-day tour in Lima that combines culinary highlights...
Photo Jeep Tour Desert Pachacamac Lima Peru exploor
1-Day Tour Premium Off-Road from Lima + Santuario Pachacamac and Museum Visit + Buffet Lunch
Cities: Pachacamac (Lima), Coast // Activities: Off-road Jeep tour, museum visit //  How about an amazing off-road experience followed by a visit to...
1-Day Tour South Beaches of Lima in Yacht Sea Ray 400
City: Pucusana (Lima), Costa // Activities: Yacht tour //  Have some fun do one of the "unusual" things to do: spending the day...
Foto Full Day Antioquia semana santa exploor Sale
1-Day Tour to Antioquia
City: Antioquía (Lima), Coast // Actividades: Hiking //  A 1-day tour is perfect for visiting Antioquía. Get to know this different and fantastic city,...
$79.00 $99.00
Foto Full Day Caral Semana Santa exploor Sale
1-Day Tour to Caral
City: Lima, Coast // Activities: Excursion to the ruins //  Have you ever heard of Caral? It is one of the oldest civilizations...
$99.00 $119.00
Foto Full Day Castillo Chancay y Piscina y Aucallama y Rancho Robertin exploor Sale
1-Day Tour to Chancay Castle + Pool + Aucallama + Robertin Ranch
City: Lima, Coast // Activities: Visit of a castle, swimming in pool //  This 1-day tour to the Chancay castle is the perfect...
$22.00 $29.00
1-Day Tour to Churin
City: Churin (Lima), Coast // Activities: City tour, thermal baths //  With this 1-day tour to Churin you can explore a new place while...
Photo 1 Day Tour Machu Picchu Cusco Peru exploor
1-Day Trip to Machu Picchu with Tourist Train for Foreign Kids
City: Machu Picchu, Mountains // Activities: Visit of Machu Picchu // A tour to Machu Picchu, one of the most...
Photo 2D/1N Tarapoto Waterfall Tour Rapel Jungle Peru exploor
2D/1N Tour in Tarapoto: Waterfalls + Rappel
City: Tarapoto, Jungle // Activities: Rappel //  . With this 2D/1N tour to Tarapoto, you will get to know the best tourist attractions Tarapoto...
Photo 4D/3N Tarapoto Tour Waterfalls Rapel Peru exploor
4D/3N Tour in Tarapoto: Rappel + Waterfalls + Thermal Baths
City: Tarapoto, Jungle // Activities: Rappel, swimming in thermal baths, boat tour, chocolate workshop //  Are you ready to experience the adventures that this...
Photo Arequipa City Tour exploor
Arequipa: Get to Know its Countryside
City: Arequipa, Mountains // Activities: City tour //  Do you want to find out more about the top tourist attractions of Arequipa? Then...
Photo_city tour barranco museum peru exploor Sale
Barranco: Get to Know the Bohemian and Artistic City
City: Barranco (Lima), Coast // Activities: City tour, museum visit //  If you love the night and bohemian culture this is the perfect...
$85.00 $90.00
Become a Peruvian Chef and Get to Know the Local Market
City: Miraflores (Lima), Coast // Activities: Cooking class, local market tour, exotic fruit tasting //   If you ever heard about Peru,...
Photo Bike Tour Miraflores Barranco Lima Peru exploor
Bike Through Miraflores' and Barranco's Best Parts
Cities: Miraflores, Barranco (Lima), Coast // Activities: Bike Tour //  Get to know Lima's best tourist attractions by bike! Participate...
Foto Santa Eulalia Bird Watching Lima Peru exploor
Bird Watching Experience in Santa Eulalia
City: Santa Eulalia, Mountains // Activities: Bird watching // Do you love travelling and bird watching? If so, this day trip is your opportunity...
Bird's-Eye View of Paracas
City: Paracas (Ica), Coast // Activities: Paragliding // The city of Paracas invites you to participate in one of the best things to...
Photo Ballestas Islands Boat Tour Paracas Peru exploor
Boat Tour to the Ballestas Islands in Paracas
City: Ballestas Islands (Pisco), Coast // Activities: Boat tour // The Ballestas Islands are one of the top places to visit in Paracas in...
Photo Bungee Jumping in Cusco Peru exploor
Bungee Jumping Experience in Cusco
City: Cusco, Mountain // Activities: Bungee jumping //  Bungee jumping is one of the craziest things to do in Cusco....
Photo Bus Tour National Reserve Paracas Peru exploor
Bus Tour to the Paracas National Reserve
City: Ica, Coast // Activities: Tour in bus // With this bus tour you will get to know the Paracas National Reserve, a...
Capture Magical Moments in Lima at Night
City: Lima, Coast // Activities: City tour at night //  You like Lima but would you love to get to know the places...
Colca Canyon Tour: 3D/2N Colca Trek + Huaruro Waterfall
City: Arequipa, Coast, Mountains // Activities: Trekking, taking a bath in natural hot springs, experiential tourism //  The Colca Canyon is one...
Photo Rafting Aventure Arequipa Peru
Conquer Arequipa's Chili River
City: Arequipa, Coast // Activities: Rafting //  Are you looking for different activities to do in Arequipa? Then, rafting in the Chili River...
Photo Rafting Arequipa Peru exploor
Conquer Arequipa's Majes River
City: Arequipa, Coast // Activities: Rafting //  Some adrenaline in life is always welcome. ¡And you can definitely find a lot of...
Photo Chocolate Workshop Pisco Tasting Ceviche Preparation Cusco Peru exploor
Culinary Cusco: Chocolate, Ceviche and Pisco
City: Cusco, Mountains // Activities: Chocolate workshop, Pisco tasting, Ceviche class //  Welcome to the gastronomic tour in Cusco that will make...
Cusco: Discover the Agricultural Terraces of Moray and the Salt Mines of Maras
City: Cusco, Mountains // Activities: City tour // Ready for one of the most popular tourist attractions in Cusco? Get away from the...
Photo 1 Day Tour Machu Picchu Cusco Peru exploor Sale
Day Trip Cusco: 1-Day Tour to Machu Picchu with Tourist Train for Foreigners
City: Machu Picchu, Mountains // Activities: Visit of Machu Picchu //  Welcome to the most popular tourist attraction in Peru....
$285.00 $313.00
Day Trip Cusco: 1-Day Tour to Sacred Valley + Pisac + Ollantaytambo + Chinchero
City: Cusco, Mountains // Activities: City tour // No doubt the Sacred Valley is one of the top tourist destinations in Cusco. One...
Photo Ananiso Canyon Ausangate Experiential Tourism Cusco Peru exploor
Day Trip Cusco: 1-Day Tour to the Ananiso Canyon + Experiential Tourism
City: Cusco, Mountains // Activities: Trekking, experiential tourism // Enjoy a full day in the Ananiso Canyon which is 124 kilometers to the...