What is the sweetest sweet in the world?

What is the most delicious candy in the world? If you thought of chocolate the following activities and workshops are the right fit for you. Can you resist the temptation of not eating the world famous Peruvian chocolate while preparing it?

From Bean to Bar: Learn Everything About Chocolate
City: Lima (Costa), Cusco (Sierra) // Activities: Chocolate workshop //  Hey Chocolate fans, listen up: This chocolate workshop is perfect for you!...
Culinary Cusco: Chocolate, Ceviche and Pisco
Culinary Cusco: Chocolate, Ceviche and Pisco
City: Cusco, Mountains // Activities: Chocolate workshop, Pisco tasting, Ceviche class //  Welcome to the gastronomic tour in Cusco that will make...
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Lima Culinary in 2 Days: Become a Peruvian Chef, Taste Peruvian Pisco and Make your Own Chocolate
City: Lima, Coast // Activities: Cooking class, local market tour, exotic fruit tasting, Pisco tasting, Chocolate workshop  //  Peru is famous for its outstanding...
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