Find the best experiences to do trekking in Perú!

If you like to explore new places while always being on the move trekking is the right activity for you. Get to know the hotspots of Peru with the trekking tours (especially in Cusco and in the Colca Canyon close to Arequipa) and enjoy the beautiful landscapes of this country.

Photo 1 Day Tour To Rainbow Mountain Alternative Route Cusco Peru exploor
Day Trip from Cusco: Alternative Rainbow Mountain Trek + Red Valley
City: Cusco, Mountains // Activities: Trekking // One of the top places to visit in Cusco is definitely the Rainbow Mountain. When you...
Tour in Cusco: 4-Day Inca Trail
City: Cusco, Mountains // Activities: Trekking, experiential tourism //  If you are looking for a great trekking tour, there is no better place than Cusco....
Photo trekking tour colca Amazon River Arequipa Peru exploor
Tour Colca: 2D/1N Trekking Tour: The Origin of the Amazon River + Camping
City: Chivay (Colca, Arequipa), Mountains // Activities: Trekking, camping // The Colca Canyon: one of the top tourist destinations of Peru. Welcome to a...
Photo huamantay lake trekking cusco peru exploor
Day Trip Cusco: 1-Day Trekking Tour to Humantay Lagoon
City: Cusco, Mountains // Activities: Trekking //  The Humantay Lagoon is one of the best tourist attractions in Cusco. Now, how does...
Tour in Cusco: 2-Day Inca Trail
City: Cusco, Mountains // Activities: Trekking //  Welcome to the 2-day Inca Trail! Get to know the Historic Sanctuary of Machu Picchu, humanity...
Photo 2D/1N Colca Trekking Tour Arequipa Peru exploor
Tour Arequipa: 2D/1N Colca Canyon Trekking Tour
City: Colca (Arequipa), Mountains // Activities: Trekking, swim in thermal baths, bird watching //  The Colca Canyon is one of the...
Photo Ananiso Canyon Ausangate Experiential Tourism Cusco Peru exploor
Day Trip Cusco: 1-Day Tour to the Ananiso Canyon + Experiential Tourism
City: Cusco, Mountains // Activities: Trekking, experiential tourism // Enjoy a full day in the Ananiso Canyon which is 124 kilometers to the...
Tour Arequipa: 2D/1N Conventional Colca Tour
City: Colca (Arequipa), Mountains // Activities: Trekking, swim in thermal baths, bird watching //  In this Colca canyon tour you will explore...
Photo 2D/1N Tour Colca Canyon Horseback Riding Arequipa Peru exploor
Tour Arequipa: 2D/1N Colca Canyon Tour + Horseback Riding
City: Colca (Arequipa), Mountains // Activities: Horseback riding, bird watching, trekking//  Enjoy this tour that helps you discover the Colca Canyon, the major attraction...
Colca Canyon Tour: 3D/2N Colca Trek + Huaruro Waterfall
City: Arequipa, Coast, Mountains // Activities: Trekking, taking a bath in natural hot springs, experiential tourism //  The Colca Canyon is one...
Photo 1 Day Tour Colca Canyon Arequipa Peru exploor
Day Trip from Arequipa: 1-Day Colca Tour
City: Arequipa, Mountains // Activities: Trekking, bird watching //  Get to know the Colca Canyon, one of Peru's top destinations and...
Photo Walking in the Woods Nature Oxapampa Peru exploor
Hike Through the Woods of Oxapampa
City: Oxapampa (Pasco), Jungle  // Activities: Hiking //  Do you know the forest of Oxapampa? If you are a nature lover, this is the best...
Photo arequipa colca canyon trekking volcano viewpoint tour Peru exploor
Tour Arequipa: 2D/1N Colca Canyon Trekking + Volcano Viewpoint
Ciudad: Colca (Arequipa), Sierra  // Actividades: trekking, bird watching, thermal waters // Beautiful landscapes and stunning views are waiting for you if you decide to...
Photo Zipline Quad Horseback Riding Shooting Adventure Cajamarca Peru exploor
The Best of Adventure in Cajamarca
City: Cajamarca // Activities: Zipline, wall climbing, quad biking, archery, target shooting with carbine, horseback riding //  Visit Cajamarca and enjoy this day trip...
Photo 1 Day Tour Trekking Rainbow Mountain Cusco Peru exploor
Day Trip Cusco: 1-Day Trekking Tour to the Vinicunca Rainbow Mountain
City: Cusco, Mountains // Activities: Trekking //   You will have a great time with this tour to the famous Vinicuna mountain, also...
Photo trekking in the Dunes of Paracas
Sunset Dune Walk in Paracas
City: Paracas (Ica), Coast // Activities: Caminata // Get to know Paracas' beautiful dunes, one of the cities' top tourist attractions....
Photo Walk National Park Yanachaga Chemillen Oxapampa Peru exploor
Discover the Yanachaga Chemillen National Park in Oxapampa
City: Oxapampa (Pasco), Jungle // Actividades: Trekking //  Do you like trekking? With this tour, you’ll visit Oxapampa where you’ll experience a unique...